Software Testing

LaunchIT is at the forefront of providing Quality Assurance to its clients. We understand and acknowledge the fact that in today’s IT world, quality software instills tremendous confidence not only in the end users, but increases efficiency and productivity for our clients.

Manual Testing

LaunchIT QA professionals are well versed in different types of Manual Testing that can be performed to uncover quality issues and certify the software to be bug free and ready for use.

Common Testing types we are proficient with :

Test Automation

Test automation is becoming a vital part of the software development process. Automation is specifically important in large scope projects, projects with critical specifications, areas needing repeated testing, stable applications that do not change frequently, and when assessment for load and performance test are needed.

Benefits of Test Automation

Accelerated results
Quick execution means faster test results.
Reduced Business Expenses
Time savings that translates directly into cost savings because of faster testing, error-free results, and less manual effort.
Improve Reliability
Automated tests perform the same steps precisely every time they are executed.
Faster time to Market
Quick detection of errors allows our experts to actively fix the problem and move to production.
At LaunchIT, our QA engineers are experts in building test automation environments, developing automated test scripts, and evaluating every test cycle.

The Automation Services that we provide include, but are not limited to:

Building Automation Framework
Functional Test Automation
User Interface Automation
Regression Suite Automation
Smoke Test Automation
Build Verification Test Automation
Web Services Automation
Performance Test Automation

QA Expertise

Quality assurance is an integral part of the Software Development Lifecycle, which ensures that the software being delivered meets its requirements and expectations. LaunchIT can take on all your testing needs by providing a full QA department to compliment your software development. We leverage our expertise in quality assurance by providing process consulting and optimization.

Our approach is to perform initial audits, so we understand your specific project requirements, quality needs, software applications and development process. Then we formulate a software test plan which includes various testing strategies to certify your software expectations are exceeded.

Our professionals are experienced in following various testing processes that are aligned to our client’s software development environment. Whether it is a linear phased approach, or an iterative software development process, we can adapt our testing processes, so the best results are achieved.

Domain Expertise

LaunchIT has supported QA projects of all sizes and scopes within varying industries and have shown that we understand different business domains and plan quality assurance for respective software applications used by those businesses.

Our Industry and Domain Experience

Supply Chain Management
Mobile Platforms
Network Security

Engagement Model

No matter if you’re outsourcing all your testing initiatives or a small portion, LaunchIT will work with you to understand your requirements and will provide recommendations based on our experience and expertise.
Our services can be executed onsite, offsite, offshore, or in any combination.
We provide three different models to accommodate different projects and budget requirements. Not sure which fits best? We can make recommendations or help you create a mix-match model, to ensure all your testing needs are met.

Reap the benefits and keep up with today’s competitive business climate. Don’t let poor testing be the reason you aren’t meeting your business goals. Choose LaunchIT as your testing partner to gain confidence in your software quality.