About us

LaunchIT was founded in 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa when Hiram Houghton purchased the services side of a technology company, Salem Associates. From 1997 to 2012, Hiram and Lakshmi Srinivasan (LS) successfully managed Salem Associates’ services.

Today, Hiram is the president of LaunchIT and LS is the vice president.  Since establishing the Des Moines office, we have opened offices in Chennai, India; Plano, Texas; and Toronto, Canada. To date, there are over 130 employees LaunchIT worldwide. This number is expected to grow.

Our Team

Hiram Houghton
Lakshmi Srinivasan
Vice President
Chris Huseth
Account Executive
Rajesh Balasubramanian
Project Manager
Nicole Wilson
Marketing Specialist
Badri Sriraman
Project Coordinator
Rajakumar Sourirajan
Project Mentor

Our Technical Partners

Our Community Partners