Offshore Capabilities

With LaunchIT’s offshore outsourcing model you’ll do both i.e. Reduce Cost and Eliminate Risk. Our offshore key success factors include:
24/7 Availability
Efficient communication practices and tools
Flexibility and responsiveness to clients’ schedules and evolving project plans
LaunchIT owns and operates two offices in Chennai, India, which are staffed with highly skilled developers and testers with varying IT experience working on different projects for our clients. We assign our human resources according to your project and engagement needs ensuring that you get the right resource for a successful execution and delivery of your project. For over four years we’ve helped companies efficiently and effectively outsource IT projects to LaunchIT offshore.

Our two most frequently used models are All Offshore and Hybrid (Onsite/Offsite/Offshore).

All Offshore

When you outsource your entire project to our LaunchIT offshore team, you’ll realize the highest cost savings. Not to mention the team is made up of skilled IT professionals, who have an abundance of experience in diverse software development, delivery, and who are ready to tackle the most complex requirements.


Onsite / Offsite / Offshore

If LaunchIT’s All Offshore model isn’t right for your project, we can accommodate that. Choosing our Hybrid Onsite/Offsite/Offshore model allows for work to be accomplished faster. With hybrid model, the resources assigned for the project would be working almost 24 hours a day, with more than one team working from different geographical locations and in different time-zones providing seamless execution and delivery for your project.

Offshore Benefits

Success Factors

Significantly Reduced Cost
By using more Offshore resources in an engagement.
Faster Time to Market
Resources working Onsite and Offshore provides almost 24 X 7 operations accelerating the project delivery.
Scalable Resources
Ability to assign more resources to accommodate rise in demand.
Mixed Levels of Expertise
In years of experience, versatile domain, and usage of the latest tools in the market.

Challenges - Mitigated Successfully

Time Zone Difference
Overlap of 3 to 4 hours between offshore and onsite team ensuring collaboration.
Separate Offshore Team
Considering everybody across geographical locations
as “ONE TEAM”.
Cultural Differences
One Team concept ensuring acceptability of diversity and promoting healthy work relationship.
Communication Gap
Establishing communication protocols within the team for efficiency.